St. Ignatius Noorono Jacobite
Syrian Orthodox Church,
Tallaght- Ireland

(Under the Patriarch of Antioch and all the East)

  • Secretary:- Polo Biju
    Treasurer:- Rachel Sandeep
The social and religious milieu of the late nineteenth century was favorable in nearly all ways for the birth and growth of a movement such as the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions. It was a time of dominance and prestige for Western civilization.
                      Imperialistic expansion was condoned as an altruistic response to increased knowledge of the non-Western world. The rising nationalism of the era provided important motivation for the foreign missionary enterprise, for the success of American civilization was attributed to its Christian basis.
                     Protestant foreign missionaries were heroes and heroines for the American public; and, as Robert Handy has noted, “Though they strove as Christians to keep the priority on spiritual religion and to be aware of the difference between faith and culture, it was not difficult in the spirit of those times to lose the distinction and to see Christian civilization as a main outcome of faith, if not its chief outcome.